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OFT Test Case

Decision scheduled for Thursday 24 April

On 11 March, the OFT published on its website an updated Questions and Answers relating to the Test Case. Nothing really new in there except that they state that "We are anticipating that judgment will be handed down by the end of July, although we have no firm information about this."

However, The Guardian reported on Monday 21 April, that the decision is due this Thursday 24 April. See Guardian article.

Given all the other news about banks this week – 50bn injection by Bank of England to bail out the banks who cannot borrow on the money markets, plus Royal Bank of Scotland making a rights issue for about 10bn, the bank charges result may be pushed down the news agenda.

BBC website says, Banks braced for charges defeat but this is pure speculation on their part, but let us just hope that they prove to be right.

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