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Links to resources

DPA request letter

DPA request follow up

Information commissioner

Sample charges spreadsheet

Bank addresses

N1 Claim form

N149 Allocation questionnaire

N150 Allocation questionnaire

Court fees


This page provides links to various information about the claims process and to forms and template that you can download to use in making your claim.

Data Protection Act template letters when you need to obtain details of the charges made to your account.

Guidance from the Information Commissioner if you should have any problems with a DPA request.

Addresses of registered offices of banks.

County Court Claim form – note that the form is a special kind of pdf that you can complete on screen and print out the completed form, but you cannot save the completed version.

Allocation questionnaires for small claims track and for larger claims – again you can complete the form and print it out, but not save the completed version.

Court fees: schedule of fees payable during the claim process.

Published and promoted by Bob Egerton, TR2 4RS