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OFT surrender the fight against the banks

Supreme Court judgment finds in favour of the banks

Supreme Court judgment on test case scheduled for 25 November

FSA website shows why bank charges issue will not be resolved for many months

House of Lords hearing takes place

FSA admit that banks have received nearly 1 million complaints about bank charges

House of Lords to hear the banks' latest appeal

Court of Appeal throws out banks' appeal against High Court judgment

Another dog's dinner from Mr Justice Smith in test case

Lloyds HBOS merger confirmed with large state ownership

RBS planning bank charges refunds

RBS falls into state ownership

Test case appeal finishes, OFT updates Q&A

Test case appeal hearing starts

40 billion injection of cash to four banks

OFT test case, historical terms judgment

Bank bailout announced

Continuing bad news for banks

OFT releases report on "market study" of banks

OFT test case, another hearing, further delays

OFT test case, banks to appeal against decision

OFT test case, preliminary decision announced

OFT test case, decision due 24 April

Barclays credit card default fees, OFT finally acts

OFT does not expect test case decision until July

Banks' full year results show extent of bank charge refunds

Northern Rock nationalised

Select committee slams FSA failure

OFT test case opens in London and lasts for over 3 weeks

Treasury sets itself up for Northern Rock nationalisation

OFT test case to start on 16 January in very small room

Possible deal between government and banks over Northern Rock and penalties

Bank charges song to be released

Judge awards costs against Abbey because of "unreasonable behaviour"

County court fees increased by 70%

Northern Rock seeking help from Bank of England

OFT spokesman says test case may not happen

Bank penalty charges may have reached 1 billion

OFT and banks go to court in test case

Natwest and RBS say that words mean whatever they want them to mean

Judge in Hull threatens to strike out cases

High court judge warns banks, County Court Judge rules against claimant

OFT put off making a decision yet again

Natwest change terms and conditions in sign of desperation

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