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Judge threatens to strike out cases 31 May 2007

"Don't panic", says Bob the Bankbuster

A district judge in Hull is threatening to strike out 20 bank charges claims on the grounds that they are unlikely to succeed and he is quoting the Birmingham Lloyds case as an example. This is very unusual behaviour for a local county court judge to quote another non legally binding case as a reason for not even hearing cases. See BBC News 1 June 2007.

Bob the Bankbuster says that if you are in the process of filing a claim you should not panic. This move by the Hull judge is unlikely to be followed by many other judges. If you live in the Hull area, you may want to consider filing the claim in another court to avoid this particular judge. If you have been affected directly by this judge's decision, feel free to contact me and I will give you some specific advice. If your claim was not worded correctly or the charges not calculated properly, it may be better to withdraw your claim and start again. This judge's actions will certainly not be stopping me from issuing claims down in Cornwall!

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