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Banker of the week/year

Banker of the week

This page is used to highlight a particularly notable villainous act by a bank or building society and which deserves to be publicised. Each week, we will try and bring you a new example of villainy. Please email me with anything that you particularly think would merit inclusion on this page.

Then, at the end of 2007, we will put all the examples to the public to vote on who are the biggest bankers of the year.

My apologies for the gap in making these awards during March to May. Just too busy fighting cases to keep this up to date. Will try harder in future.

For a full listing of bankers of the week, see previous winners.

Fifth villain of 2007: Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland are nominated for Banker of the Week for early June.

RBS of course own NatWest. Whilst the two banks generally seem to operate fairly independently of each other on a day-to-day basis, they clearly use the same legal advice. They both use Cobbetts of Manchester to defend (sic) claims against them and use the same "standard" defences. NatWest changed their terms and conditions in January 2007 to try to bolster their spurious argument that charges for exceeding overdrafts, bouncing cheques and direct debits etc. were charges for services rather than being damages for breaches of contract. RBS probably did the same although I do not have a copy of their terms. If anyone can let me know if they have received revised terms from RBS, I would appreciate it.

But when you label on a bank statement a charge as being for "card misuse" it is a bit difficult to say this is for a service rather than being a penalty for a breach by the customer. So, what have RBS done? They have changed the wording on their statements, doing away with "card misuse" and now referring to what is exactly the same incident as "guarantee card payment fee".

If only RBS would turn up in a court and try to explain to a judge the subtle difference between card misuse and guarantee card payment fee.

Published and promoted by Bob Egerton, TR2 4RS