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Miscellaneous summary

Banker of the week/year

Banker of the week and year

This was a bit of fun that I had in 2007 where I thought that particular behaviour by banks justified putting it on this site, then deciding which merited the title of Banker of the Year.

Week 1: Nationwide Building Society

See Nationwide details.

Week 2: NatWest Bank

See NatWest details.

Week 3: Capital One

See Capital One details

Week 4: Alliance & Leicester

See Alliance & Leicester details

Week 5: Royal Bank of Scotland

See RBS details

Week 6: HSBC

See HSBC details

Week 7: Sir Fred Goodwin of RBS

See Fred Goodwin details

Week 8: Lloyds TSB

See Lloyds TSB details

Week 9: Abbey

See Abbey details

Late entry

January 2008, RBS notch up another accolade

And the winner is: see RBS late entry

Published and promoted by Bob Egerton, TR2 4RS