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Banker of the week

This page is used to highlight a particularly notable villainous act by a bank or building society and which deserves to be publicised. Each week, we will try and bring you a new example of villainy. Please email me with anything that you particularly think would merit inclusion on this page.

Then, at the end of 2007, we will put all the examples to the public to vote on who are the biggest bankers of the year.

My apologies for the gap in making these awards during March to May. Just too busy fighting cases to keep this up to date. Will try harder in future.

For a full listing of bankers of the week, see previous winners.

Seventh villain of 2007: Sir Fred Goodwin of RBS

When it comes to bankers deserving awards, you just can't keep Royal Bank of Scotland away. Yet again, they push themselves forward for an award. But this time, it is their Chief Executive, Sir Fred Goodwin, who really take the biscuit.

We had noted that RBS were a bit behind the other big banks in signing up to the test case, and it seems that they really were quite reluctant to get involved judging from what Sir Fred "Fat Cat" Goodwin has to say about the matter. He really does not think that anyone should have the audacity to question his company. He is quoted in the Guardian as saying, "It's a pity this has had to go to a test case. It doesn't seem to be a satisfactory way to operate in a highly regulated market." He added "These are not new charges. They weren't generating a lot of customer complaints ... Then the OFT comes along and says they are unfair, without doing much research."

See Guardian article.

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