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Banker of the week/year

This page is used to highlight a particularly notable villainous act by a bank or building society and which deserves to be publicised. Each week, we will try and bring you a new example of villainy. Please email me with anything that you particularly think would merit inclusion on this page.

Then, at the end of 2007, we have to decide who gets the coveted title of Banker of the Year.

For a full listing of bankers of the week, see previous winners.

Final villain of 2007 (actually achieved in January 2008) good old RBS again

After being awarded the Banker of the Week title no fewer than 3 times in 2007, RBS/NatWest really showed their mettle in January 2008 when the test case between the OFT and the banks finally opened. Royal Bank of Scotland barrister, Mr Rabinowitz, managed to bat for nearly 3 days, a performance no doubt admired by Geoffrey Boycott. In his address, he managed to include things like "current account customers like the present system of charges" (so who are all those whingeing gits who have complained to their banks and got back 600 million in 6 months?) and he said, "the OFT was itself partly responsible for the scale of the consumer revolt" (nothing to do with us bank charges campaigners then?).

So, Bob the Bankbuster is pleased to award the overall award for Banker of the Year to Royal Bank of Scotland, the runaway winner. Congratulations!

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