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Gary vs. Royal Bank of Scotland

A particularly satisfying win this one. Gary had sued Royal Bank of Scotland himself in August using the Online claim system. Cobbetts, acting for RBS, produced one of their usual aggressive defences to try to get the case thrown out before it could get off the ground. Unfortunately, Gary had made a couple of errors in his claim including trying to claim back all the interest charged over the period. Cobbetts were successful in their application to the court and the claim was struck out. We then started afresh with a new claim. Cobbetts again tried one of their typical defences with phrases such as "the defendant is embarrassed by the lack of particularity pleaded in the particulars of claim" and "fail to disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim" and "incoherent" etc. and threatened to try to get the case struck out again. We refuted their defence and pointed out just how much "particularity" our claim had. Cobbetts then made us an offer of 50%. We rejected that. A court hearing date was set for 13 March. On 11 January, Cobbetts finally conceded defeat and agreed to pay the full amount, except that they failed to add on the extra daily interest (which we graciously conceded as a gesture of goodwill!). They asked for confidentiality, which we refused.

So a good result after a long battle. But well worth waiting for.

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Published and promoted by Bob Egerton, TR2 4RS