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Lilian vs. Barclays (Woolwich)

Claim issued against Barclays (trading as Woolwich). Claim issued in May. Barclays submitted a detailed defence. The court asked us to answer the points raised in the defence, which we did. A court hearing date of 3 October was set. A week before the hearing, Barclays offered to settle but failed to add on all the interest that had accrued since the issuing of the claim (another 120). Barclays also wanted a confidentiality agreement. We held out for the full amount and were not prepared to accept the confidentiality clause; Barclays agreed on 29 September, and paid into Lilian's account the day before the court hearing.

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Email from Barclays agreeing to the full sum plus no confidentiality clause

Dear Mr Egerton

I write further to our telephone conversation this afternoon.

I confirm that the settlement sum will be increased to 4,379.00 to take account of statutory interest accrued since the claim was issued in May.

I will also agree to waive the confidentiality term.

Payment will be made to Ms xxxxx's account. I will ask for the payment to be made by close of business Monday.

Kindly acknowledge this email.

Kind regards

Keith Jeremiah

Legal Executive (Fellow)

Barclays Legal: Litigation & Disputes

Floor 29

One Churchill Place

Canary Wharf


E14 5HP

C/W: 6006 2705

Tel no: 0207 116 2705

Fax no: 01452 638340

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