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Phil vs. Natwest

Claim issued against Natwest in August 2006. Cobbetts, acting on behalf of NatWest, produced a typically aggressive defence, a demand for more information and a threat to try to get the case struck out. I provided some of the information, told them that they had already got much of the rest of the information that they had requested and that I objected to their general tone and tactics.

A few weeks later, before the case had been listed for a hearing, Cobbetts conceded defeat and paid up in full including interest. They included in their letter a statement that "you agree not to disclose to any third party the fact of, or any details relating to, this payment". We did not agree to this condition and we are writing to them and to the Law Society to make a formal complaint about this inaccurate statement in their letter.

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Published and promoted by Bob Egerton, TR2 4RS