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Sheila vs. Lloyds

A rather unusual case in that Sheila was claiming on behalf of her uncle who died two years ago! She was so upset by Lloyds treatment of her uncle with regard to his business account and the penalty charges that had been imposed on it, that she decided to sue as executor of his estate. It was also rather satisfying because this claim was issued after the court started imposing stays on claims.

A stay was imposed on this claim. I made an application for lifting of the stay on the grounds that it was a business account and not, therefore, affected by the test case. Before the stay application could be heard, Lloyds decided to settle the claim. My inference from this is that Lloyds want to maintain some clear blue water between personal accounts and business accounts. This suggests that they do not think that they are going to win the test case; if they lose it, or have to make some out of court concessions, they will presumably continue their normal practice on business accounts saying that these are not covered by the test case (which, strictly speaking, will be true).

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Published and promoted by Bob Egerton, TR2 4RS